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Qualisec offers a range of hardware solutions from card printers to handheld RFID and barcode scanners.

Accreditation & Access Control Solutions

Qualisec offers a dynamic, customised, client-based and user-friendly accreditation and access control solution. The independent database is multi-event and multi-client focussed browser based accreditation system with a highly customised front and back end.

The Qualisec accreditation and access control solution can run both onsite and offsite. We offer both online and offsite support.

Users input and access data via a password protected browser-based interface. Security access permissions can be defined with the client and can be adjusted both locally and remotely. The system provides secure communication.
Qualisec will customise both the backend database and frontend user interface to meet both your individual project and corporate identity requirements.

Qualisec´s accreditation solution allows for the design of fully customised print per use access cards. Working with our design partners we will develop access cards reflecting the brand of the organisation whilst ensuring full functionality and highest level security integrity. This includes but is not limited to use of RFID technology, barcoding security design features such as holographic stickers and holographic images using the latest DNA design techniques. Qualisec can also offer a range of biological security access solutions.



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